Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy Together | Stamp of Approval | Two cards One Stamp

Hi there! We are on day 3 of my Stamp of Approval Blog posts and today I am featuring the Happy Together birdies. In two different ways, first up is a silhouette against the sun. 

To make this I ink blended two shades of yellow Tiara first then Tiki Torch right on the center. 

 Then in Midnight I stamped the birds.

For my second version, I used the layering pieces of the birds and put the birds in a blue transparent Nuvo drop moon.

For this, I stamped the birds, the on a separate card stock stamped the branch in Sand Stone, and hand cut it. Before placing the branch, I added the sentiment in Tiki Torch. Then added the branch with foam adhesive.

With a pencil I drew a half circle, stamped hearts and filled the entire thing with Nuvo drops leaving the birds dry.

I thought it turned out quite cute, clean and simple.

Thanks for stopping along with me.


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  1. love <3 alos loving the new photo backdrop!

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