About Me

Hi there! I am Crystal, nice to meet you! I am mom to 4 kids, and 2 very goofy Labrador Retrievers. Married to a wonderful man for 10 years. In June of 2016 we relocated to Clear Lake, WA. We decided to build a house and temporarily move in to our 5th whee while we build our house. I do all my crafting out of the camper (yes, it's insane) and we expect to be in our #dreamhome sometime in April.

Current home!

Crafty supplies

I started this blog in 2013 in order to enter challenges online. Fast forward, this blog has become so much more than that. I love to create cards to send to friends and family.

When I am not card making, I spend my days chasing after my children,and being a "mom taxi". Driving tractors, and house work! I love to cook, do low impact workouts (my knees hurt) and go fishing (warm weather only).

I appreciate you taking your time to stop by today. I invite you to "like" my face book page and say "hello".

God Bless,



  1. What a sweet little family you have, Crystal! You have your hands full, I bet, with all you do!! I had to tell you that we, too, had a yellow lab (Salty) and then later he was joined by a black lab. We thought of the obvious name for the black lab (Pepper), but then decided on Shadow because that's what he was to Salty! They're a great breed with the little ones!! Our lived long lives 16 years for one and 17 for the other! Hugs, Darnell