Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Faux Tiles | Back splash inspo!| Color Combos with Crystal

Happy Tuesday friends! . For today's project we are making faux tiles using the gorgeous Tea Time Pattern background stamp. 

While browsing the endless pit that is Pinterest, I found this awesome kitchen back splash and immediately started scheming how I was going to turn it into a card.

So our color combos are Blue & White, and the sentiment is from the Grow in Grace stamp set.

This card falls under the clean and simple category minus the grout!

All you need is your favorite white cardstock, heat embossing supplies and foam adhesive.

I of course made a quick tutorial video on this easy card!


I felt this card had a Mediterranean feel, don't you think?

So to re-cap I used the Tea Time Pattern Background and the Grow in Grace for the sentiment.

Thanks for stopping by today! Next week, I have a floral concoction you will absolutely love!



  1. Love this card idea! Also love how you aren't OCD about sticking them on to the card base!

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