Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rustic Thanks

Hello friends, thanks so much for joining me today. I want to start by introducing myself. My name is  Crystal Thompson, one of your design team members for Simply Stamps

Today, I have a tutorial using a custom set I ordered through Simply Stamps.  I wanted to create a set of “thank you” cards for all those wonderful gifts we received this past Christmas from friends and family. So let’s get started.

First I ordered my personalized stamp with a set of twigs, a “thanks” sentiment and a pinecone. When ordering I asked to please send these unmounted as prefer to use acrylic blocks.

Next, I cut the stamps to individual pieces.

Begin your card by creating a base from white card stock, then layering with a colored card stock.

Trim your white piece of cardstock to be stamped and make sure it will be even on all sides.

Place the sentiment on acrylic block.

Stamp on card stock.

Using the pinecone and a lighter shade of ink, stamp the pinecone around the corner of the sheet.

To add a “togetherness” I stamped the elk/deer antlers in a darker ink color. (Note: these were trimmed to individual antlers).

To finish, stamp the pinecone in a darker ink.

Remember our twigs? These will go under the sentiment.

Mat the cardstock to the card base

Finish with sequins.

This card could easily be made in assembly line style. Below is the graphic you can use to order your stamps from Simply Stamps!
Just save this image and order

I appreciate you stopping by today!



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