Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Faking Alcohol Ink Looks | Color Combos with Crystal | Unity Stamp Company

Hey guys, Crystal Thompson here for Color Combos with Crystal. Today, we are going to a create a faux alcohol ink effect. I am in love with all that alcohol ink colours and patterns. But guess what, I don’t have it in my budget to do it.

So, let’s start this tutorial.

Here’s what you will need to do this faux alcohol ink effect:

  1. Step Up Peony florals stamp set.
  2. Water color paper
  3. Liquid water colors - Two shades of Pink, Orange and a Yellow. You can also use a water coloring pad, water coloring chalk or whatever you’ve got available.
  4. Embossing Powder - Black and Gold.
  5. Water Brush

Let’s get started!

To start, we first need to heat emboss the sentiment from the Step Up Peony set. It’s a gorgeous sentiment that says “ A friend is one who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden.” So I thought, that’s a really pretty and encouraging stamp set to use.

Once we are done with stamping the sentiment with black embossing powder, we’re gonna do one of the largest peony and cover it with gold embossing powder. I usually stamp with my ink first and put the embossing powder and then heat set before I move on. So I do three at a time, and I haven’t had any issues with my powder going over my wet ink. Next, we’re gonna do the leaves for the bottom using gold embossing powder as well, then heat set it. I don’t want to go any further with the stamping because I want to focus with the sentiment and make it really pop out.

Now that we have it completely heat embossed, we are going to bring out our liquid watercolors or any water color that you have will work as long as they are super pigmented. I’m gonna then adhere my cardstock to my surface and I’m using a plastic-ky surface. So, I’m gonna do the top then I’m gonna do the color and add water with my brush and drip the colored water to the top. Next, I’m going to do the next color while trying not to blend the colors. And we’re going to repeat the process with all my different colors. And like I said I am using 2 different shades of orange and pink and a yellow. If it doesn’t work like you thought, you can add more water. Just remember to try to avoid the colors from touching each other.

The idea here is that it’s going to be really pigmented and as they dry and you layer them over when they dry, it’s gonna look really pretty. So this is how it’s going to look like once it dries. You get those splotchy, big blobs of color that is really popular with the alcohol ink.

I really like this effect and this is a great way to get some of that effect.  Remember, it is important that you use watercolor paper so that the colors can soak. Once that you’ve let those watercolors set on your cardstock, you can see those gorgeous colors. It’s really pretty. We will then grab a piece of paper towel and we’re gonna clean that gold embossing because it’s going to resist the watercolors.

And that does it! A gorgeous faux alcohol ink effect that easy to do. Thanks so much for joining me today.

Here is my video tutorial, hope you enjoy it!

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